Carlos and Kaepernick

kaepernickAlmost 50 years ago John Carlos and Tommie Smith stood up for respect and change. On an Olympic podium, their gloved hands declared, while they were champions and represented American freedom, they were concerned family, friends and folks they would never meet lived in a world of second class citizenship and hate. Instead of becoming American darlings, they were stripped of their medals, their record stricken and never rewarded for the true strength and courage of their actions. Carlos and Smith suffered for us. Colin Kaepernick took a knee and suffers to remind us not enough has changed since 1968 in America.


Finding My Own Ass

There has, in the past, been some question about whether I could find my own ass with two hands. I am proud to announce, albeit with difficulty, athletic ability and practice, I can. Anyone that would like to help me find my own ass is certainly encouraged and welcomed under the new Trump-Weinstein-Cosby Doctrine. In other words, you can help me find my own ass with or without the use of drugs, intelligence, promise of promotion, fame or election. In any case, gain, stardom or political office is not implied or promised. If necessary or appropriate, just grab my ass!

How To Let Go

It will help

If you relax

The air will cool

Your fingers will

Return to obedience

Having succeeded

They will hold tight

To their pyric prize

remain passionate


throats are more than straws

Manos de muerta

Por lo momento

Between heaven

and the sea

Should you need

To pry your fingers

From your prize

Consider it

a trophetic reflex

Nothing more

Avoid remorse

At all costs.